Flowers and friendship at the farm
Taking care of "Barbaras Bees"
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Many hands make for light work

Refugee youth creating community and growing leadership through organic gardening



Who We Are

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Growing Colorado Kids works with refugee youth to cultivate leadership and teamwork through small scale organic farming and nutritional cooking. 

Growing Colorado Kids was founded in 2008 by Chris and Denise Lines. They founded the organization based on the needs of the youth Denise worked with at a previous job. The youth had a need for food, and healthy food. Denise wanted to not only meet this need but to do so in a meaningful way - a way that would be about more than  food. In 2010 Growing Colorado Kids became a  project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, eligible to receive nonprofit contributions under CNDC's 501(c)(3) status.

Since its inception the organization has served refugee youth, produced over 8000 pounds of food, and shared over 10,000 servings of food, and utilized over 10,000 hours of volunteer time. We  continue to grow as a community.  We invite you to grow with us!

Growing Colorado Kids utilizes LB Farms, a small 5 acre farm located 40 minutes outside of Denver.  GCK participants have an opportunity to get out of the city, interact with animals such as donkeys, horses, goats, chickens, and more.  Growing Colorado Kids has a dedicated one acre growing space at the farm where we grow for GCK families, Brightons Shares the Harvest, and the SAME cafe.

As we say at the farm. "the gates are always open" come and visit us to see this wonderful program in action.


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"GCK feels just like my family, I am aways so excited to go to the farm to be with everyone"

- 2014 GCK participant