Donations are critical to continue the work of Growing Colorado Kids. We welcome financial donations, in-kind donations, and donations of your time as a volunteer.

Our presence in the community provides tangible value to many people who do not have regular access to fresh food, including our program youth. We are training the next generation of gardeners and farmers in natural growing techniques and healthy food choices, creating a kind of chain reaction of benefits. Our program participants influence their family members and other young people with their knowledge and food choices. They are also positive examples of dedication and service. Learning to navigate in a new culture can be a daunting task, but our program youth, supported by the Growing Colorado Kids community, are thriving, making good choices, and showing the community what can be done to address hunger and care for the environment.

One priority is to build capacity for Growing Colorado Kids. This includes reaching more youth, increasing our harvest, increasing our fund raising efforts to become sustainable, and spreading the word in the community about who we are and why our work is important. Capacity building will magnify our reach and all of the positive benefits of the program.